+ Is it necessary that I make use of an undertaker to arrange for a cremation?

+ What happens when the deceased arrives at the crematorium?

+ What are the legal requirements?

+ Must a coffin always be used?

+ At what temperature does a cremator operate?

+ Are the relatives allowed in the cremators room?

+ Is more than one body simultaneously cremated?

+ What causes the smoke to sometimes be visible at the chimney?

+ How do I know I have received the correct ashes?

+ What is done with the remains after this?

+ What happens to the ashes after they are removed from the cremator?

+ How are ashes normally disposed of ?

+ What happens if the documents are not in order?

+ How long does a cremation take?

+ Are there restrictions as to the kind of coffin which ma be presented for a crematorium?

+ Is it more expensive to cremate than to bury?

+ Will Cremations not interfere with the natural process of decomposition?

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