Leaders in Funeral Industry

Rustenburg Crematorium & Funeral Services, have been setting the standard, for serving the community as it should when a loved one passes. We will gladly assist you with any of your funeral requirements - offering the bereaved family comfort and understanding and handle those who passed on, with loving care & dignity.

You can be assured of our personal attention at all times. Our staff all have vast experience and knowledge of all aspects regarding funeral services, Local Authority Requirements, cemetery and crematoria regulations etcetera. Rustenburg Crematorium & Funeral Services, top management offers you the highest standard of service in an honest, dignified and personal way.

All required documentation is undertaken and certificates and declarations are obtained, leaving you, the bereaved, with the assurance that everything is in order.

We are also available to assist our fellow undertakers - we have helped with various exhumations, autopsies or use of our Chapel & facilities for their clients.  One of the most important issues we can help with is making sure that your loved one does not leave Rustenburg for the cremation.  That you don't wait for an indeterminate period of time, to have the ashes returned to you.  You as client - even from another undertaker can stand by & make sure that your loved one's ashes are returned to you.
Joslyn Geldenhuys Director
  • Oversees all services and functions at the Crematorium.
  • She is personally involved in the day to day running of the Crematorium.
  • She considers this service the ultimate last sign of dignity and respect to your loved one & peace of mind to you.

Illza Jacobs  Office Manager / Finances / Funeral Director
  • Oversees all staff, services and functions at the Crematorium.
  • She has been grown into the funeral industry over the last 5 years, so has a wealth of knowledge & know-how
  • She is personally involved in the day to day running of the Crematorium.
  • She can be of assistance with all the marketing, funeral policies, funerals & cremations.
  • Believes she is in the unique position to assist the bereaved families through a difficult time.
  • she manages the day to day duties of all the staff of the Crematorium.
  • She contacts new families and companies to provide them with our own unique level of personal assistance.

Our staff are the back-bone of the service we offer to our clients

  • Anel Snyman - Reception, Funeral arrangements, Marketing & Family Assistance
  • Armand Goosen (Puna) - Funeral Director & Mortuary
  • Emily Makitane  - Assistant
  • Julio Vasco - Funeral Director, Policies, Marketing & Family Assistance

This phenominal group of people, who will stand by & assist you with anything your require.  We challenge you to find a group of people who will stand by you & give your loved one the dignified service they deserve.  Putting you first & making sure the family that remain behind are also taken care of.

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